Data Hygiene

Utilize our full suite of data hygiene, change of address and suppression services to clean your customer file before mailing for maximum postage rates, higher deliverability and increased response.

National Change of Address (NCOALink®)

We identify movers in your list and update their address information.

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Address Verification/ CASS Processing

We validate and standardize addresses to the actual delivery point. Includes DPV®, LACSLink®, and SuiteLink®.

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Suppression Services

We match your mailing lists against the DMA Do-Not-Mail, Deceased, or Inmate suppression file.

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Email Change-of-Address Service

We clean your email list of typos, formatting issues and invalid domains, and replace bad emails with new ones.

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Canadian National Change of Address

We update your lists with Canadian address changes filed in the previous 72 months with Canada Post.

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Product Index

Melissa Data products help you capture, clean and integrate data for business needs. See our all of our products.

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Non-USPS Change of Address

We update addresses of customers who have moved and have not filed a USPS change-of-address form.

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DSF2 Services

We classify address types and obtain walk sequence numbers using the most accurate address verification services available.

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Duplicate Elimination Services

We identify and eliminate duplicate records from your database.

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Email Verification Service

We salvage email addresses that look bad, but aren’t, fix typos and errors, and verify the mailbox exists.

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Canadian & Global Data Services

Utilize our full suite of data hygiene and data enhancement services for global contacts to improve your communications, campaigns and business analytics worldwide.