Self-Service Data Quality Software

Listware helps improve the quality of your CRM data by verifying and enriching the contacts in all of your lists: prospect, customer, donor, etc. Sales, marketing and customer services departments use Listware to keep their contact data clean, complete and fit for use to improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction. Listware is available in the Cloud or as a plugin for popular systems like Salesforce and Excel.

All three Listware solutions use Melissa Data Credits. Click here to find out how the credit system works.


Contact Checking (?)

Contact Checking

Verifies, corrects and standardizes U.S. address, name, email and phone info.

Global Address Verification (?)

Global Address Verification

Verifies, corrects and standardizes global addresses for over 240 countries.

Address Auto-completion (?)

Address Auto-completion

Completes a full validated global address as you type to save up to 50% in keystrokes.

Name-to-Address Verification (?)

Name-to-Address Verification

Utilizes Melissa Data’s unique Personator technology to cross-reference a name and address and verify they are associated.

Demographics (?)


Appends demographic data such as date of birth, gender, household income and more.

Geographics (?)


Appends a rooftop latitude and longitude coordinate to a validated global address.

Property (?)


Appends owner contact info, mortgage amount, structure details and more on over 110 million U.S. properties.

Contact Append (?)

Contact Append

Adds a valid postal address, email address, name and/or phone number to a contact.

Change of Address (?)

Change of Address

Updates the addresses of customers that have recently moved. US and Canada available.


  • Increase response rates and improve ROI with clean contact data
  • Reduce undeliverable mail and address correction fees
  • Verify identity to prevent fraud
  • Qualify mailings for postal discounts
  • Enrich data with geographic, demographic and property attributes for better customer insight and profiling

Melissa Data Credits for Listware

All three Listware solutions utilize Melissa Data Credits. You can go to the Melissa Data Credits page to activate your initial free 1,000 credits or to purchase additional credits on-demand, 24/7.

Each month we will automatically top off your account with 1,000 Free credits.

Self-Service Data Quality for Excel®

Listware is the free Excel add-in for Microsoft® Excel that you can use to clean and enrich your contact data. Simply open your spreadsheet, click the Listware tab, select the records you want to process, and start cleaning your list. Listware is available for Microsoft Windows Editions of Excel 2007 – 2013.

How to Get Started with Listware for Excel

1.  Download
the Excel plugin.
2.    Activate
your free trial with 1000 credits.
3.       Buy
additional credits on demand, 24/7.

See How Easy Listware is to Install and Use

Self-Service Data Quality for Salesforce®

How to Get Started with Listware for Salesforce

1.  Download
the Saleforce plugin.
2.    Activate
your free trial with 1000 credits.
3.       Buy
additional credits on demand, 24/7.

Real-Time and Batch Processing

  1. Address correction in batch mode (global address, name, phone and email for over 240 countries) verifies records within Salesforce, perfect for list imports or regular data cleansing of large databases.
  2. Address validation for web-to-lead forms cleans and standardizes contact data within seconds of creation.
  3. Address auto-completion speeds address capture by completing a valid address as it is typed, reducing keystrokes by up to 50%.

Listware for Salesforce Demo Video

It’s so easy to cleanse and enrich contact data in the Cloud. Listware Online leverages the power of our flagship Personator® full contact verification service to check, verify, and update global names, addresses, phones, and emails for up to 240 countries. Make sure your contact data is correct and current to improve communication and ultimately your ROI. Review results before you buy!

This premium service allows you to simply upload your CSV, Text (.txt, .dat) or Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file to Listware Online. Let us do all the work so you can reap the benefits.

Upload your file and start cleaning your data.

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  • Peace of mind, knowing your contacts are clean and actionable
  • Ease of use so you can effectively plan your campaigns
  • Discover the quality of your data before you buy!
  • Review your summary report first to learn how many good or bad names are in your list; identify how many & what type of appends are needed; and much more
  • Reduce maintenance headaches—it’s online solution with no software to install


  • Verifies, corrects & standardizes Name, Address, Phone, and Email
  • Adds missing email, phone, & addresses to names

Listware Online Tutorial

Listware, Easily Prepare Your File for Fast, Secure Data Enhancement Processing Listware is the all-in-one Data Hygiene Tool - Listware for Excel, Online, and Saleforce. Get Started Now