Melissa Data Solutions

Our full spectrum of solutions work across the entire data quality lifecycle to ensure you capture, cleanse, and maintain accurate contact data for your business needs.

Data Profile & Monitor

Analyze your data to identify weaknesses and monitor improvements over time.

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Data Parse & Cleanse

Parse free-form data into proper fields and implement normalization rules to standardize casing and formatting throughout your entire database.
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Data Dedupe & Golden Record

Advanced matching algorithms and years of experience dealing with contact data powers our unique deduplication solutions.
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Address & Contact Data Verify

Clean addresses for accurate mail and package delivery, and verify name, email, and phone info for effective marketing campaigns.

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Data Enrich & Geocode

Extend the value of your contacts by adding missing email, phone, and address info plus demographic and geographic data.

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Melissa Data products help you capture, clean, and integrate contact data for business needs. See all of our products.

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