Reverse GeoCoder from Melissa Data is a Web Service that provides the nearest valid U.S addresses to a latitude and longitude coordinate. Reverse GeoCoder converts a geographic coordinate to a valid street address that can be used, for example, in mobile apps to locate a person in case of an emergency or to provide roadside help. It also can be used by mailers to create a targeted mailing list assembled from addresses grouped around a specific geographic location.

Reverse GeoCoder is ideal for vehicle tracking, for location-based services, and other applications where you have a GPS signal with latitude and longitude and want information about the address or place this location represents.


  • Create a mailing list within a specific radius for targeted marketing
  • Use in mobile apps for emergency location purposes & provide roadside help


  • Returns suite name & number of suites
  • Convenient Web Service that works with nearly any platform/programming language
  • Returns up to 100 addresses for each Lat/Long coordinate
  • Supports multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST

Reverse GeoCoder Object Enrich Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

Reverse GeoCoder provides users the option to reduce or maximize the number of returned output addresses, and it returns up to 100 addresses for each inputted Lat/Long coordinate.

In addition to returning valid U.S. addresses, Reverse GeoCoder returns a unique address identifier, known as AddressKey, which can be used in conjunction with other Melissa Data Services to obtain RBDI (Residential/Business Delivery Indicator) or Property information.

Data Returned by Reverse GeoCoder

  • Address Line 1 - The street address (street number and street name) that corresponds to inputted Lat/Long coordinate
  • Suite Name - Returns the suite name of the address returned
  • Suite Count - Returns the number of suites in a particular building; a "0" is returned if the address has no suites (a single delivery point)
  • City - Returns address city name
  • State - Returns address state name
  • Postal Code - Returns address postal code
  • Lat/long - Returns address Lat/Long coordinate
  • Distance- Returns distance between input and output coordinates
  • AddressKey - Unique identifier for an address