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Improve Customer Communication

Communication is at the heart of your business. A clean, up-to-date database ensures that your communications with customers, prospects and subscribers arrive in a timely manner and are personalized for generating high-response rates.

The industry's move to digital has meant exponential amounts of collected data, presenting real challenges when it comes to data inconsistencies, inaccuracies, duplicate records and out-of-date info. Publishers also have a variety of sales channels these days and it is essential that organizations assemble a complete, 360-degree view of their customer data. Melissa Data has nearly 30 years of experience helping international organizations improve data quality and grow their businesses.


  • Save money - Stop sending out duplicate direct marketing pieces
  • Capture accurate data - Real-time data verification ensures contact details are captured accurately from your website and internal systems
  • No programming skills required - Choose a data quality solution like Contact Zone which anyone can easily use
  • Customer data integration - Merge/purge records from your print and digital divisions and integrate customer processes
  • Map your customer base - Geotarget customers based on your current subscribers locations

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Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Returns standardized, corrected, and appended data for addresses anywhere in the world.


Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.

International Rooftop Geocoding
International Rooftop Geocoding

Make better decisions about market segmentation, sales clustering, and logistics.