MatchUp Object is a fast and powerful programmer’s tool that can be integrated into custom applications to find and eliminate duplicate records. MatchUp enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your database by giving you the ability to prioritize, sort, consolidate, and append customer and prospect records using customizable criteria to give you a single, accurate view of each customer.

Your customer data can reside in multiple operational systems. So how can you tell what a single customer's value is to your business? MatchUp allows you to generate a complete, unified view of your customers, eliminating most of the frustrations experienced with conventional solutions.


  • Reduce costs associated with duplicate records
  • Gain a more accurate, single view of your customer data
  • Identify multiple records at the same address
  • Easy-to-Use -- eliminates "rules-based" matching


  • Multiplatform API
  • Fast processing, 10-50 million records per hour
  • Process files with different field structures
  • Assign priority for eliminating duplicates
  • Split name, address, and city/state/Postcode® fields

MatchUp Object Identify & Dedupe Duplicate Records

Identifying Duplicates – From Obvious to Not So Obvious

3 Ways to Dedupe Your Contact Data

  1. Read/Write Deduping – Compares records in one or more databases at once. Each unique group will have one record that receives an “output” status; the other matching records receive a “duplicates” status. Ideal for batch merge/purge/suppressing existing data.

    1 - Read/Write Deduping - MatchUp Object
  2. Incremental Deduping– Compares each record as it comes in and against a database of already processed records. Ideal for real-time data entry. If the incoming record is new, it can be added to the existing database Match.

    2 - Incremental Deduping
  3. Hybrid Deduping– Gives you the flexibility to customize the process if your environment requires internal key storage or comparisons to smaller clusters of records. Ideal for real-time data entry or batch processing entire lists.

    3 - Hybrid Deduping

Identify Multiple Records at Same Address

When a customer receives three or four of your catalogs in a single day because all the adults in the household have made a purchase from your website, it doesn't reflect well on your business. MatchUp helps you identify records in your databases that are members of the same household, business, or organization, reducing mailing costs by eliminating unnecessary multiple mailings. MatchUp aggregates multiple household records into a single record, providing you with the information you need to evaluate the total sales relationship.

MatchUp is an essential data management tool for reducing marketing costs, eliminating waste, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing the overall effectiveness of your contact database.

Create Your Own MatchCodes

With MatchUp Object you can set up your own matching rules (called Matchcodes) in any combination of over 35 components from common ones like Postcode, Address, and Last Name – to not-so-common elements like Email Address, Company and Social Security Number. You can even specify your own proprietary data component, such as an account number, using the MatchCode editor or programmatically.

Match Code Editor