RightFielder Object will standardize inconsistently entered data, run-on lines of text containing multiple data types, or data with no structure at all. The multiplatform data management tool can be invaluable in handling legacy data, data migration, and data integration efforts.


  • Standardizes your database to help you better understand your customers
  • Free yourself from re-keying legacy data
  • Prevents costly errors due to unfielded data


  • Extracts contact information from freeform, textual data
  • Recognizes up to three lines of street addresses
  • Supports Regular Expressions
  • Easily configured to recognize a custom data type
  • Fast - processes about 10 million records per hour
  • Free unlimited technical support

2 Parsing Engines to Identify, Extract, and Organize Data

  1. Free Form Contact Parsing:RightFielder Object utilizes powerful entity recognition and identification algorithms to extract contact information from free form or un fielded textual data. The parsing logic analyzes the input data, recognizes where fields begin and end, and assigns the contents to the correct output property using your predefined layout and field names.

    RightFielder Object - Standardize, Parse and Field Data

    Data Types Recognized

    RightFielder recognizes up to three lines of street addresses, city, state, postal code and country. RightFielder recognizes and extracts multiple instances of these data types: personal names; company and department names; email and Web addresses; and phone numbers.

    RightFielder also provides the flexibility to define and re-field custom data types like social security numbers (SSN), IP addresses, dates, and proprietary account number formats.

  2. Fielded Contact Parsing:This parsing logic is used when the input data is consistently delimited into fields, but the contents of those fields are unknown. RightFielder Object reorganizes the data into new columns each with a single data type.

    Rightfielder Parsing